Founded in 2001

Nocturnus Dominus - All Instruments, Vocals and Lyrics


As My Blood Spills Upon Thy Altar (2003) Demo

Evil Reigns Supreme (2006) Full Length

Perpetuus Agonia (2008) Full Length

Black Creations of Satan (2009) Full Length

Into Satan's Kingdom (2009) Full Length

Unhuman Disease/Freitod Split (2011) 7" Vinyl EP

Dalla Benedizione del Diavolo (2012) Full Length

Glorification of Satanas (2013) Full-Length

"Thou art worthy, O Satan, to receive glory and
honour and power, for thou was most radiant
amongst all created things, and for thy pleasure
they are and were created."
The Satanic Revelations    Chapter 3, Verse 10
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